Seek Wisdom, Not Facts

Theodore Roosevelt: To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. We search and search for the answers (or rather a quick fix, easy solution) to the violence and mayhem happening in our culture and around the world today. Invariably someone cries out, "We need more education!"… Continue reading Seek Wisdom, Not Facts

They’re Called Outpatient Orphanages

Unfortunately, I think I've called it well in advance. As reported in The Daily it seems our current Education Czar, Arne Duncan, believes that because there are so many children without a quality home life, the providers of a "quality education" should start looking into boarding schools for these lost boys (and girls). Boarding… Continue reading They’re Called Outpatient Orphanages

When your children aren’t your children

I reject the notion that the Federal government and its employees are in any way responsible for the upbringing or education or even the personal happiness of my children... as suggested by this tweet from the White House: Education and the power and money that goes with it, is simply NOT in the constitution.

Skip School Now! It’s Time for DIY Education

I've been preaching it for years: It's time for individuals with the skills and entrepreneurial spirit to just DO IT... and start creating alternative learning businesses, organizations and associations/groups so that anyone can choose to skip compulsory state schooling, and get the education they want for their children. I was enjoying a new site to… Continue reading Skip School Now! It’s Time for DIY Education