Ponder a little mathematics…

Consider the number, One Trillion.


How long is One Trillion Seconds… in years?

I’ll save you a little effort, if it’s too much effort. The answer is 31,000 years.

One Trillion seconds is Thirty-One Thousand Years.

Ponder that next time someone tells you the national debt or how far the stars are supposed to be.

Warning: Breastfeeding leads to… Homeschooling!

This can be filed in the, “You can’t make this stuff up,” folder.

Apparently breastfeeding leads to subversive attitudes, ideas and lifestyles. Women are literally heading down the slippery slope of a lifetime of endangering their children by breastfeeding.

The media and the State hate you. Don’t put your children in their institutions. Home educate… whether you breastfeed or not.

The Protest to End all Protests: Semester Without Students


I am calling for your consideration: A protest against government public schools.

I think we get it now. We understand how to get things done. closedIt’s important to change things and just talking about it doesn’t get it done.We’ve been SCHOOLED by the best. Now it’s time to really stand up for school reform.

We know a new way! We’ve been schooled by the best. The best have taught us that the only way to affect change in an institution that isn’t doing what we want done, is to simply not show up.

Now is the time to take a bold stand. Stand up for school reform by not showing up to school.

Skip School for school reform.

Unlike the day without women, we don’t even have to be all over the place with demands and conditions.

We really just one thing: Until funding can be distributed in such a way that it follows the student to the public/private/alternative school of their choice, students (with parental permission) should follow the example of women, teachers, and disgruntled tribes who are making their grievances known by not showing up. no lunch

We shall call this protest:
“A Semester Without Students.”

Think about it.

Hashtag it. Plan it. Schedule it and let the media know we aren’t going to try to work things out from the inside anymore. Demand change and skip school until things change. It’s the new way around that slow democracy thing.

Show the women and teachers how well we’ve learned.


It’s a Free Market: Just Skip School

Education… Learning… Enlightenment… “schooling….”
All of these products, services and ideas can still be obtained freely and voluntarily, by anyone, at any age because we still have a relatively free market in America. This is what is called the “Free Market of Ideas” working within the Economic construct of the Free Market.
Government assistance, accountability, coercion or monopoly (the opposite of a free market) are not necessary for a free people to better themselves by learning about their world or about ideas or new skills that interest them. Government schools weren’t necessary before they were widely adopted in the 1800’s and they’re especially not necessary when most anyone can have free or relatively free access to any bit of information in the world that interests them. 
Here is a FREE lesson, from a FREE course offered online by Hillsdale, on economics. Imagine a world (your world) where attending a government institution called a ‘school’ was optional. (It is optional… you just have to be willing to take responsibility for educating yourself and your children back from the government.)
Skip school and learn in freedom.
Check out the intro video: