Compulsory Viewing: Born to Learn

I think that it’s time to make a law that requires compulsory attendance to this web site at least once a week. After all, how are you going to learn interesting things and become educated, if we aren’t forced to learn them?

So I believe I will begin an ongoing COMPULSION series of posts that you, my loyal readers, should be forced to read, watch and learn from. Please attend these informative educational opportunities voluntarily until I can get a law passed that makes attendance on this blog compulsory.

Today’s Compulsory Viewing post is a video on how we learn naturally. You MUST watch it and learn from it. I’m sorry there won’t be a test or pop quiz. Turns out, I”m not allowed to administer tests or actually, do anything schoolish until after I have secured the proper laws that force you to attend these posts for educational purposes. Something about union rules and the tax structure…. Yeah… I skipped that lecture too.

So, consider it a free day.