They’re Called Outpatient Orphanages

Unfortunately, I think I’ve called it well in advance. As reported in The Daily it seems our current Education Czar, Arne Duncan, believes that because there are so many children without a quality home life, the providers of a “quality education” should start looking into boarding schools for these lost boys (and girls). Boarding schools are just another name for Outpatient Orphanages.

Back in the old days, the institutions where children without parents went were called Orphanages. Nowadays, we have the framework for Orphanages already built and ready to go. They are called Public Schools. The only thing one need add is a few dorm rooms, and the green light for derelict and dependent parents to just leave their extra children at the school for pick up, when (or if) it’s convenient for them.

I wonder if there will be a time when attendance at government Outpatient Orphanages will be compulsory? Are you going to keep taking your children there, until it’s too late to take them out?

The New American reports:

In essence, according to Duncan in various speeches, government schools, now largely controlled from Washington, D.C., are being used as a “weapon” to “change the world.” With the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as what the education secretary called his “global partner,” public education will also serve as a tool to transform children into what he described as “green citizens.” If Obama’s “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones had not been forced to resign over his self-declared revolutionary communist views, he could have even placed the newly minted “green citizens” into the “green jobs” Duncan says the feds are preparing them for.

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