Homeschooling 101 Seminar by Unplugged Mom

You have to hear Laurette Lynn via a few of her podcasts to truly appreciate where she’s coming from and what she wants to instill in you. She wants you to be “educated” not “schooled.



What is it she wants you to learn? Simple: Skipping “School,” even home(schooling) will lead to a more balanced and enlightened life for your children AND your family.

But don’t take my word for it. You can check out Laurette’s unique and engaging lessons live. But you have to act quick. The Unplugged Mom’s ten-week Homeschooling 101 Seminar begins TOMORROW! (July 27th, 20011)

Don’t fret if you miss them, though. She’ll be recording them so you can learn on your own time and at your own pace. Which, when we think about it, is what home education and self-learning are all about, isn’t it?

UPDATE: July 30, 2011 – Ten Week Seminar Series Begins August 3

Laurette will be scheduling weekly live web seminars beginning August 3, 2011, and ending October 5, 2011. The cost is very reasonable and there is a 20% discount for reserving all 10 seminars. Read more and reserve your space here.

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling 101 Seminar by Unplugged Mom

  1. She wants you to be “educated” not “schooled.
    Yes! Been preaching that myself for years and years:

    Devoutly Catholic William F. Buckley for example, had an extraordinarily liberal education as the debate-dominating wind in his arch-conservative sails. OTOH the Governor of Texas and his education makes one weep for education: “Texas Governor Treats Colleges Like Businesses [as] Regents promote his agenda, to faculty members’ chagrin”

    But Americans now get little education of any kind, much less a true liberal education. It’s all schooling and all to factory specs: tough, increasingly nationalized standards, radically mind-numbing regulations, authoritarian rewards and punishments for knowledge workers (both teachers and students) meted out by principal overseers in all school systems?

    More of that is hardly a new education idea nor a liberal one.

    See also “The Dismal Taste of High-Yield Corporate School: Shakespearian Tragedy”.

    1. Maybe all schools of all kinds should just get out of the business of using government (taxpayer) funds for their very existence. Then they can be truly autonomous, independent and innovative on their own merits. No political wrangling and meddling necessary.

      Liberal Arts colleges (or primary schools for that matter) can stand or fall on their own merits rather than on whether they can meet the “quota of the month” for special, taxpayer subsidized, compulsory attendees.

      Much of what you rail against (corporations, conservatives, religions taking over the “education market”) would be eliminated if the entire industry were treated like a monopoly and broken up like so many Baby Bells. Sure, the government can still have its little fiefdoms and bureaucratic, wasteful entitlement schools. We’ll just call them Outpatient Orphanages. They can provide “schooling” or government approved education products to the poor who can’t afford an alternative. (Just like food stamps.)

      Everyone else can fend for themselves, using whatever crops up in the free market, paying whatever he market will bear. WITHOUT REGULATIONS.

      When you use taxpayer dollars and government bureaucrats, you will always be under the government’s control, no matter what the party.

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