Choose Your Prison: Elementary School Drug Testing?

This just in, from our friends over at the Nanny State Liberation Front blog: Elementary School Ponders Drug Testing Youngsters.

From the linked article:

The Board of Education will vote Wednesday on a plan to randomly test sixth, seventh and eighth graders to see if they are under the influence of drugs. School administrators said they were confident the proposal would pass.

Elementary School Principal Sandra Szabocsik said school officials want to use the testing “as a deterrent.”

“We’re hoping that the students if they’re at say a party or someone’s house or just hanging out somewhere, that they’ll say ‘I don’t want to get involved in drinking or using any drug because tomorrow could be a drug testing day,’” she told CBS 2′s Christine Sloan.

I really don’t have anything prolific to add. It’s just another stupid thing that State Schools are doing to control people, rather than educate them. If you had a choice to send your child to these prisons they call Government Schools, would you? And if you do go to a school like this, and think drug testing your little babies is a good thing, then maybe you deserve the government supplied education your children get.

You’ll be blessed later on in life, when their training in moral relativism kicks in somewhere around your retirement.

3 thoughts on “Choose Your Prison: Elementary School Drug Testing?

  1. We’re often told just how much the public schools costs per child per year. I don’t remember when the cost was less than five figures. Then, “conservatives” tell us what percentage of that figure “makes it to the classroom,” as opposed to other administrative costs. The last figure I’ve seen here was around 60% of the more than $10K was spent “in the classroom.”
    I wonder if the cost of drug testing will be considered to be part of that part of the “cost of education” that will “make it to the classroom.”
    The money will have to come from somewhere and school budgets aren’t increasing. I wonder what “program” or what supplies will be cut in order to pay for this?

  2. I think that for every child that turns up positive for any kind of controlled substance, all public assistance the parents are receiving for their chid(ren) should be taken away. The child should be suspended or placed into foster care by the CPS.

    To avoid all the “zero-tolerance” nonsense that most schools get into, the parents should be allowed to appeal by coming to ONE FACE TO FACE CONFERENCE to “figure it all out.” If the parents don’t come, or refuse to take responsibility for their child, then the above paragraph takes effect.

    That’s rough, of course, but that’s the general idea.

  3. I would be lying if I said that I’ve always done as I should and lived this fairy-tale Christian life. The fact is that I didn’t. I remember in high school having random drug tests, but the consequences were never severe enough to change anyones decisions on after school behavior. In order for this to even help, they would have to test each and every student with no warning, all in one day. I remember kids even bringing drugs with them to school, even with random K-9 units coming in, and I’ve been out for eight years.
    Just to be clear, I no longer live that life, but the public school system failed me, along with my parents, which is why I homeschool my two children to keep them from that mess.

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