Charlestown Medium Security High School Dedication

Check out picture #6 in this photo essay of the dedication of a renovated high school in Indiana:

Charlestown High School Dedication |  Louisville Indiana | The Courier-Journal.

Medium security prison, or $40 Million public school renovation? Can you tell the difference?

Actually… is there a difference?

Another excellent reason that government schooled kids just love learning in public schools is because they are so well designed for their intended purpose.

Wouldn’t you agree?

3 thoughts on “Charlestown Medium Security High School Dedication

  1. Wow. I thought it *was* a prison when I first saw the picture!

    There’s an area I used to drive through on a daily basis. Within the space of a few miles, I had to first pass a middle school, and then a juvenile prison and then an adult prison.

    My kids were usually with me on these trips. When each of my kids has been 5 or so, each one asked “Is this a school or a prison?” about the juvenile prison and the school, both. They couldn’t tell them apart just by looking! Once they could read, they knew which was which.

  2. I have to tell you that my husband just looked at this and laughed and said “It’s a joke! That had to have come from The Onion!” So I clicked the link to take him to the original article and showed him the picture there…

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