Update: Indiana’s Parent Pledge

I wrote earlier (“I Pledge My Children to the State”) about Indiana’s “Parent Pledge” which, effectively, asked parents to homeschool their own children before sending them to school to be good little boys and girls of the State.

In checking around to see if there were any stats on the number of good little parents who are pledging to do what the schools can’t seem to do, I came across this, from over a year ago: 1,500 Parents and Counting, from GreatSchools.org.

GreatSchools.org put out this parent pledge in July of 2009. Less than 2,000 parents took part.

Nothing about how many have been added to their rolls since then… but my guess is not much.

So, if a national organization can only find less than 2,000 parents to take their pledge (in a sweepstakes, no less!) then what do you think the results of the recent pledge push from the Indiana DOE will be?

Not that results matter to government. All they want to do is divert people from thinking about the REALITY of what is going on in our public schools; and it’s not a lot of actual education.

One thought on “Update: Indiana’s Parent Pledge

  1. “Reading OR TALKING 20 minutes everyday to my child” ?!?!
    REALLY?!… Its hard to believe they feel a need to even put that on the pledge? I hope that’s supposed to be the “easy” part to suck you into the 5 hrs of volunteering. What parent doesn’t at least talk to their kids 20 minutes a day?

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