Public School Pushouts: Indiana Pads Grad Rates

I’ve often talked about the situation I call Ex-Schooling–the “excommunicating” of some publicly schooled kids. Ex-schooling is when a public school administrator tells the parents of a poorly performing child, they can’t drop out, BUT they can’t stay at the school either. The ultimatum given to the distraught parent is this: she must homeschool their kids in order to take them out of the school’s hair, and BONUS! the kid that leaves, doesn’t count as a dropout against the school.

Well, here’s a little proof:

Clark County Chatter -> graduation rates.

This is one mom that is willing to go public with her story. Rest assured, she’s not alone.

In a nutshell, some public school employees are exploiting the Indiana private education laws by suggesting that rather than dropping out of school, the parents of the problem child just say they’re homeschooling. The school doesn’t have a dropout on its record. Their graduation rates look better. Sometimes, if the student didn’t do well on his state tests, the school’s overall test scores will be affected positively.

Then, if something happens to the child or family that is “homeschooling” the school gets to point to the homeschooling community and remark at what a poor job they are doing. “Oh… they’re probably exploiting the law, just to get out of school!” See my posts on Richmond Community School Corp. and on the women who plead guilty to educational abuse for not homeschooling right. Two better examples of what I’m talking about can not be found, until now.

Read the words of one of possibly THOUSANDS of moms who are getting shafted by public schools that are looking out for their own bottom lines, rather than doing what is best for the children they are supposed to SERVE.

I’m sure there will be more to come. The question is: will the attacks on the homeschooling community come before the facts about the tactics of Government Schools are known?

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