Save the Planet: Skip School

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I propose all children should be skipping school until our government follows the green example of Bali.

Really, it’s time to get serious. My daughter took a carbon footprint green survey at school (to avoid learning about math or literature, I suppose. Oh… she just told me this was a replacement for learning some real science….) and after devulging much personal information about our family lifestyle and habits, it was determiend that if EVERYONE lived like we do (on a farm with methane producing animals and only 5 CFL light bulbs) we would need … WAIT FOR IT! … 44 earths to sustain all of us. (SOB Planet Killers, that is!!!)

This is my solution:

I propose that all publicly schooled (taxpayer supported) children skip school until each and every government school building is made of 100% sustainable materials, all children are not bussed and all textbooks are banned.

I thought of possibly replacing textbooks with Kindle Wireless Reading Devices but that means you’d need electricity to charge them. Bummer.

Think about it, each public school must have the carbon footprint of a small factory! Add in all those breathing children (exhaling literally TONS of toxic greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere every year) and you have a monumental carbon footprint! At least factories produce something of value.


It’s obvious that anything public schools do to “save the planet” are only going to scratch the surface until they address the masive waste and pollution they produce every day. Bali is taking the lead here. Once again, making America a laughing stock in the advancement of environmental earth security. Bali cares not only about the planet, but they care about education as well.

A school with its own farm, a bicycling program, solar power, and an organic chocolate factory? Attendance must be through the (sustainable, bamboo) roof.


3 thoughts on “Save the Planet: Skip School

  1. You mean well but I think that’s a pathetic idea that all children skip school until schools are like that. We need are education. You’re ideas aren’t well thought out.

    1. You mean “We need [our] education”? And [your] ideas aren’t well thought out?

      Tell you what; why don’t you take a moment and look up the word sarcasm [<—link's right there for you in case your school didn't teach you that yet] and then reread the post.

      Then maybe you can post some of your own ideas and we can discuss how well thought out they our.

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